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Mr. B. P. “Rick” Adams

Rick Adams is President of Adams Consulting Group, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, marketing and sales.
He served on active duty in the Marine Corps from 1956 to 1958 with units of the Second Marine Division.

Mr. Adams has been a senior executive with several major U. S. and international corporations in the telecommunications and computer industries, as well as two start-up enterprises. Most recently, he was Chief Marketing Officer for Tachyon, Inc., an international satellite broadband services company. He was also Chief Marketing Officer for Rhythms NetConnections, a provider of DSL internet access services in the U. S. and Canada. Previously, at AT&T, he held positions as Marketing Vice President for AT&T Global Business Communications Services and Vice President -Worldwide Industry Marketing & Business Development at AT&T/NCR. At Fujitsu, he was Vice President – Marketing & Sales for Fujitsu Business Communications Systems and previously spent several years with GTE in a variety of senior marketing, sales, operations, and financial positions.

Mr. Adams holds an MBA degree from Pepperdine University and did his undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky where he was a member of Phi Delta Theta. He has been active in the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) and is a former President of the Hawaii Chapter. He is an active tennis and squash player and enjoys hiking and various other outdoor activities. He and his wife Carol reside in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

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