Thanks to All who Sponsored and participated in our 35th Semper Fidelis Golf Classic held September 27th!

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Battlefield Studies & Unit PME

In 1996, the Marine Corps University Foundation formally expanded Professional Military Education (PME) funding beyond the Marine Corps University at Quantico and began supporting the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment worldwide through the Command Support Program.  Solely through the generosity of private donors, the Marine Corps University Foundation provides available funding annually to Marines worldwide. The PME Program provides Marines funding for battlefield studies, staff rides, visiting scholars, and other professional military events.

Battlefield studies and visits, staff rides, lectures, academic chairs, visiting scholar programs, and other professional military events are made possible through tax deductible gifts provided by individual members, Corporate Members, Marine friends, and former Marines helping Marines.

To request funding for a PME event, view the PME Program Requirements. Each unit is allowed one Professional Military Education opportunity per calendar year.


Support Our Nation’s Greatest Asset

Every donation, no matter the size, has a significant impact on our nation’s greatest asset: OUR UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS