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Oppenheimer-Stein Marine Corps Scholarship for Students at Harvard University


The family of Brigadier General Harold L. Oppenheimer, USMCR and his mother, Doris Jones Stein, established the Oppenheimer-Stein Marine Corps Scholarship at Harvard University in their memory. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance for dependents of Marines who are pursuing undergraduate studies at Harvard University.


The Marine Corps University Foundation provides merit awards to undergraduate students admitted to or already enrolled at Harvard in support of costs associated with their education. Those awards are based on need and a parent’s honorable service while on active duty in the Marine Corps. Recipients must be sons or daughters of a Marine who (1) is on active duty, (2) has been honorably discharged after a minimum of five years active duty, or (3) died on active duty. Students who maintain a full-time status and are in good academic standing may qualify for a renewal of the grant for each of their undergraduate years.


A student who meets the above requirements should write a letter requesting a grant from the Oppenheimer/Stein Marine Corps Scholarship and submit the following documentation by the third Monday of August:


  • Proof of a parent’s honorable, active duty service in the Marine Corps for a minimum of five years [DD214 or proof of current active duty assignment, position, address and other appropriate contact information].
  • Copy of Harvard’s Certificate of Admission.
  • Copy of Harvard’s Financial Aid Offer to include any ROTC Scholarship.
  • Official High School and any college transcripts.
  • Contact information including home address, phone number and email.

A returning student that received this award in the previous academic year must reapply each academic year by the third Monday of August. Returning applicants are required to submit the following documentation:


  • A letter of intent requesting consideration with comments on academic, community, and personal achievements in the previous academic year and goals for the upcoming academic year;
  • A copy of the previous academic year’s grades, and
  • A copy of Harvard’s Financial Aid package, to include any ROTC Scholarship.
  • Contact information including home address (not Harvard address), phone number and email.


The deadline for applying is the third Monday of August each year. Send the above information via email to this address or mail to:


Marine Corps University Foundation
Attn: Jon Sachrison
PO Box 122
Quantico, VA 22134


Ted Studdard – Author, Actionable Speaker


Ted speaks to a variety of audiences about individual and organizational leadership ranging from junior leaders to executives. Ted also educates business leaders and their HR partners about the value veterans bring to the civilian workforce and how to best incorporate them into Corporate America.


Ted and his wife Melissa have two grown children, Alexis and Ward, and currently reside in the greater Atlanta area. Ted is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where he earned his Bachelor of Business Arts in Business Management. He also earned a Master of Military Studies degree from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National War College.

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