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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does the Marine Corps University need a Foundation? The Marine Corps University receives defense budget funding using tax-payer dollars – isn’t that enough?

A: Much like the University(s) that you, your children, or your grandchildren attend, the needs of the institution exceed what tuition covers. It is no different for the Marine Corps University. The defense budget allocated to the Marine Corps University cannot fulfill all that the President of the University needs to deliver an enriching academic and leadership experience. Part of the reason for this limitation is because of the strict restrictions on what federal budget ‘green dollars’ are permitted to fund. Since our founding in 1980, the Marine Corps University has relied on its Foundation to bridge the gap between what the government provides and what the University needs.

Other Professional Military colleges with Foundations: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA; Naval War College, Rhode Island; Army War College, Carlisle, PA; Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL


Q. What type of support does the Foundation deliver to the Marine Corps University?

A: We serve the President of the University. By doing so, the Foundation closes the budget gap to enhance and enrich the education needs of the university schoolhouses for both officer and enlisted students: Marine War College MCWAR, School of Advanced Warfighting SAW, The Command and Staff College of the Marine Corps CSC, Expeditionary Warfare School EWS, The College of Enlisted Military Education. We answer the call of Marine Units worldwide to support professional military education. Additional support provided by the Foundation through its donors also encompasses the following critical programs:

• Endowment for Distinguished Chairs which brings leading minds to the University.
• Distinguished Lecture series and Symposia
• The Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity
• Quatrefoil support for Marines at EWS small group w/distinguished lecturer (General Officer).
• Faculty research and publication and awards
• Student research and awards
• Oppenheimer Stein Harvard Scholarship
• Battle-ride studies support
• Professional military education worldwide (PME)


Q. How can I help the Marine Corps University?

A: Join MCU Foundation Family today, through your tax-deductible donation you are choosing to protect freedom and strengthen national security through education. Together, our shared belief in the importance of scholarship, research, and the ethos of the Marine Corps will help strengthen the intellectual orientation of leaders and warfighters to out-maneuver a thinking opponent to win the fight for the future.


Q: Why support the Marine Corps University Foundation?

A: “Marines benefit through your support. Your support for professional education matters to the active-duty servicemen and women not only as they serve but also as they transition to their private sector jobs. The education and training received through the Marine Corps University is a prestigious and valued jobhunting asset.

The Marine Corps University Foundation is honored to be one of your selected Charitable non-profits that you support. We know that you have many great and worthy organizations to choose from and the Foundation team is humbled by being selected. The team works hard to earn your loyalty and trust every day.”

“The Foundation Team is passionate about their mission. A 2017 and 2018 4 STAR Charity Navigator rated Non-profit. The highest rating by the Charity Navigator organization. The only Foundation solely dedicated to supporting the Marine Corps University and Professional Military education of active-duty officer and enlisted Marines.”

“Established in 1980, The Foundation has faithfully supported The Marine Corps Command and Staff College and continued when the University was formed in 1989 by General Alfred Gray. Our acting Chairman of the Board is Mr. Guy Wyser-Pratte and our President and CEO is LtGen Richard P. Mills USMC (Ret.). Warriors and scholars lead the organization’s board of trustees along with accomplished businessmen and women who share the same passion for education excellence, the Marine Corps, and national security.”

“The Foundation keeps me informed through newsletters, The Foundation Magazine and social media outlets. Please visit The MCUF website at www.mcufoundation.org and other social media for more information.”


Q: How can I help the Marine Corps University Foundation?

A: We invite you to join the Foundation family today. Through your tax-deductible donation you are choosing to protect freedom and strengthen national security through education. Together, our shared belief in the importance of scholarship, research, and the ethos of the Marine Corps will help strengthen the leaders and warfighters of the future.

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