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2017 California Semper Fidelis Award Ceremony

Mr. Swinden supports Marine PME
James Irvine Swinden, 2017 recipient of the CA Semper Fidelis Award
Mr. Moiso supports Marine PME
Mr. Anthony Moiso , 2017 recipient of the CA Semper Fidelis Award










On November 13, 2017, at a Marine Corps Birthday ceremony at the exquisite Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California. The Marine Corps University Foundation (MCUF) in conjunction with the November 10th Association presented Semper Fidelis Awards to two outstanding Americans, Mr. Anthony Moiso and Mr. James Irvine Swinden.  Mr. Donald Bren of The Irvine Company hosted the evening and kicked off the presentations with more than 300 attendees.  The honorees were  presented the awards for their dedicated support of the Camp Pendleton Marines and their impressive record of philanthropy to Southern California Communities. It was very fitting on the 75th anniversary of Camp Pendleton to honor Mr. Swinden and Mr. Moiso, as both men have close family ties to the Irvine family who transferred the land to the Marine Corps where Camp Pendleton sits today.

Anthony Moiso is Chairman and CEO of Rancho Mission Viejo.  He is responsible for the ranching, farming, land planning, development, and financial management of all Rancho Mission Viejo business entities.  He is an Army veteran and a graduate of Stanford University.

James Irvine Swinden is owner of A.R.C. Properties and is active in philanthropic affairs.  He is also President of The Irvine Museum, a public museum dedicated to California Impressionism and Senior Chancellor for the U.C.I. Museum and Institute for California Art. Mr. Swinden earned a Bachelor of Science in economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School.

Semper Fidelis Awardees 2017 in CA
LtGen Rich Mills, Governor Pete Wilson, Mr. James Swinden, Mr. Donald Bren, Mr. Tony Moiso, and Military Guest of Honor BGen Kevin Killea, USMC. Photography by Mr. Jim Esquivel

The prestigious Semper Fidelis Award is presented annually by The Marine Corps University Foundation to noteworthy Americans.

Past recipients include Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush; Clint Eastwood, George Will, General James Mattis, the Honorable Antonin Scalia and Mr. Ted Williams.

See the list of former Semper Fidelis Award Recipients.

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