2024 Semper Fidelis Award Dinner Postponded until Spring 2025


2020 Colonel Franklin Brooke Nihart Writing Award

LtGen Mills presented the Colonel Franklin Brooke Nihart Writing Award to Maj. Spencer M. Everingham, USMC for his paper titled, “MARSOC Special Operation Officer Retention Challenges: A Method to Find a Solution” on Monday 1 June.  The Director of Command and Staff College, Colonel Thomas Gordon was also present.

The Colonel Franklin Brooke Nihart Award recognizes a Command and Staff College (CSC) Marine Infantry Officer student who writes the best Master of Military Studies thesis paper as judged by the CSC Awards Committee on depth of scholarship, clarity of presentation, originality of interpretation, and applicability to the warfighter.  The Marine Corps University Foundation funds the Colonel Franklin Brooke Nihart Award through generous donations from the late Colonel Franklin Brook Nihart, USMC (Ret) and his wife, Mrs. Mary Helen Nihart, to support advanced professional military education.

Col Gordon and the Dean of CSC, Dr. Jonathon Phillips, visited each conference group on Monday and Tuesday to personally recognize each graduate and congratulate them on what they accomplished during this unprecedented academic year.

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