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Ambassador Anthony Marshall

Investment manager, author, photographer, theatrical producer, former intelligence officer and diplomat Anthony Marshall also served as an American Ambassador over an eight-year period (1969-1977) to the Malagasy Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, and as non-resident ambassador to the Seychelles, as well as Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environmental Agency in Nairobi, Kenya and as Special Ambassador (head of the U. S. delegation) to the Kingdom of Lesotho’s Tenth Anniversary of Independence (1976).  Mr. Marshall’s prior service with the Department of State included an assignment as a Vice Consul in the Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey (1958-59).

Mr. Marshall had extensive business experience in Africa, which included the ownership and management of two Nigerian companies: NIDOCO and African Research and Development Company, a manufacturers’ representative of American, British, Belgian and French companies (1959-69).

Marshall is the author of seven books: Africa’s Living Arts (1970), Malagasy Republic (1972), and Trinidad and Tobago, all published by Franklin Watts, New York City.  Subsequent books are: Basti (1987) and George’s Story (1988), published by Windswept House, Mt. Desert, Maine.  Zoo (1994) was published by Random House, New York and Dash (2001) by Vantage Press.  From 1977 to 1981 he wrote monthly articles for the Nairobi Times, and was a contributing editor to Conde Nast Traveler (1984-2004).

Anthony Marshall served on the board of the Vincent Astor Foundation as Vice President and Treasurer until 2002 until it officially closed to grant requests in 1997. He was a Trustee Emeritus of Brown University (from which he graduated in 1950), Honorary Trustee of the Wildlife Conservation Society (formerly the New York Zoological Society), WNET/Channel 13, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. He was on the Council of Rockefeller University and the Advisory Council of the American Museum of Natural History. Anthony Marshall was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Explorers Club and a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society as well as a life member of: the National Geographic Society (since 1948), Society of California Pioneers, Naval Historical Society, Royal African Society and Navy League.

He is a former member of the board of the Asia Society, Museum Trustee Association, African Medical and Research Foundation, the Foundation into the Research of Man (FROM), Operations Crossroads Africa (1966-1982), Business Council for International Understanding, Astor Home for Children (Rhinebeck, New York), L.S.B. Leakey Foundation, Caribbeana Council, Center for the Book (Library of Congress) and the American University of Paris and Council of Roundabout Theater. He served on the Advisory Council of the Juilliard School, the Primate Research Center of Duke University and the Board of Visitors of the Economic Department, Boston University.  He was President for ten years of the Seamen’s Church Institute and is Founding Chairman of the United States Marine Corps University Foundation in Quantico, Virginia.

Inspired by his grandfather, Major General John H. Russell, 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Mr. Marshall enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 18 and served four years of active duty during World War II, with a year and a half on Guam.  He landed his infantry platoon on Blue Beach, Iwo Jima.

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