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Mr. Harry Lee Crisp III

Mr. Harry Lee Crisp III, or Lee as he is commonly referred to, is an owner of Pepsi MidAmerica and Co-Founder of TAKL. In addition to running one of the largest Pepsi franchises in the nation for the last 20 years, Crisp has served in a number of leadership and philanthropic roles, including principle benefactor of the Mayo Clinic, founding member of the Smithsonian Council for American History, a Patron of the Arts at the Vatican Museum, Board member of the Museum of the Bible, and chairman of the board for the Independent Bottlers Association.

Lee also recently served as a Founder, Director and Treasurer of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, where he oversaw the National Museum of Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia.

Lee, who has been awarded 44 patents, including the technology behind, GE Appliances’ SmartDispense technology which was Popular Science Magazine’s “Best of What’s New” award as one of the 100 best inventions in 2005 and Coca-Cola’s FreeStyle and PepsiCo’s Spire units. This technology was awarded the Gold Award at the 2011 Edison Awards’ Best New Product Awards.

Lee resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife Stacie, daughter Hallie, and sons Harry and Isaiah.

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