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The Krulak Center introduces The Landing!


Good morning MCU community! As BGen Bargeron, President of MCU, announced yesterday, the PME portal the Krulak Center team has been developing over the summer is now live! For those outside the MCU community, “The Landing” is a digital community intended to both facilitate discussion of strategic problems facing the country and Marine Corps and give Marines their own unique space and voice in the ever-growing online PME ecosystem. All of the site’s content is public-facing, but if you want to comment on and further expand on the ideas presented in each article, simply complete the registration process to do so.

The site’s main page can be found here: https://innovatedefense.net/the-landing. Internally, “The Landing” is broken down into different sub-communities to highlight original content from within MCU as well as across the Fleet! Below are just a few of unique items available across “The Landing’s” communities:

From the FMF

Maj Brian Kerg explores the impact of the Corps’ own mythology on its preparations for future conflict in Surviving the Next Charge.

LCDR Dylan Phillips-Levine and Captain Walker D. Mills argue for adopting anti-submarine warfare capabilities that are inexpensive, resilient, and lethal in Expeditionary Anti-Submarine Warfare.

MCU Research

Read the Center for Regional and Security Studies (successor to the Center for Advanced Operational Cultural Learning) detailed study on the Cognitive Dimension of the Information Environment.

Dr. James Lacey of the Marine Corps War College uses a historical case study to highlight the importance of trust as a command tool in Trust – Ulysses Grant and Mission Command.

The Krulak Center

The Krulak Center curates a number of digital PME resources for the benefit of its community of interest. The #BruteTalk is a brief, 10-minute synopsis of aspects of future conflict by members of the FMF. The #BruteCast is a longer, in-depth exploration of past and present subjects presented by our Bren Chairs and Non-Resident Fellows. Our latest #BruteTalk is “Civil-Military Relations in the Age of Autonomous Weapons: A Concept for Maximizing Civilian Control and Military Autonomy” by LtCol Stephen Boada of the School of Advanced Warfighting. Our latest #BruteCast is “War-Related Environmental Crises, Risks, and Decision-Making: A Case Study from Ukraine” by Drew Marcantonio and Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Kristina Hook.

Along with other Krulak Center content, such as writing contests and unique Bren Chair research, we’ll also be featuring a regular series by the Krulak Center staff on their own recommendations for books, articles, wargames, movies/TV shows, etc., that offer value for PME or professional development. Called “This is the Way,” examples in this series include Director Valerie Jackon’s review of “Humility is the New Smart” by Edward D. Hess and Katherine Ludwig, and operations officer Maj Ian Brown’s thoughts on “The Art of War(Craft).”


Wargaming has gained renewed emphasis under the Commandant’s Planning Guidance, and so “The Landing” features a Wargaming resource page aimed to provide educators, trainers, and practitioners with a starting point for their own wargaming efforts. Resources include links to different members of the wargaming community of interest, practitioner’s guides such as the Naval War College’s War Gamers’ Handbook, and – for those in the Quantico area with access to the Gray Research Center – a multi-part visual catalog of the GRC’s many available games from the “Strategy and Tactics” wargaming magazine.

These are just a few of the initial offerings we’re proud to present on “The Landing.” Browse, explore, and above all, think about contributing!

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