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BruteTalk#5 – “Wargaming Fleet Problems with Off-the-Shelf Games”

BruteTalk#5 – “Wargaming Fleet Problems with Off-the-Shelf Games” is now live! Developed by Capt Steven Stansbury as part of this year’s joint Innovation Summit and Big Ideas Exchange (BIX) with NPS, he explores how to utilize commercial games to test and validate potential solutions to current FMF problems.

In this video you will be exposed to: Exploring the possibility to assist in answering fleet problems with commercial games like Command: Modern Air and Naval Operations. By using the six-step scientific method, any Marine can test and validate modern and future fleet concerns with digital gaming systems—with the potential to produce effective solutions and further questions for research.

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If you are interested in more #BruteTalk videos, here are the #BruteTalk videos in order:  Note that these are small, bite-sized chunks of PME goodness offering innovative ideas for the future.  The #BruteCasts videos are larger PME’s, and their links are further below.

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Social Media and the Future of Enlisted Professional Military Education (PME).

BruteTalk #3 – “Attrition Interception: A New Maritime Operating Concept”

The Mosaic Warfare concept offers commanders composable force design and decision frameworks enabled by AI support tools …

If you are interested in the longer #BruteCasts videos, here are the #BruteCasts videos in order:

The first #BruteCast featured Dr. Christopher Harmon, examining “How Terrorist Groups End:” @Marine Corps University @TheKrulakCenter youtu.be/fICeN08mwJM


The second #BruteCast featured Mr. Don Bishop and Col. Tom Keaney (USAF, Ret.) revisiting the 1943 air raid on the Ploiesti oil fields.


The third #BruteCast, we were joined by MajGen William F. Mullen, CG of TECOM, to present his “PME on PME” and the importance of continuous professional development.


The fourth #BruteCast, we were joined by Dr. Yuval Weber, Bren Chair of Russian Military and prolitical strategy, for a discussion on “Russian Private Military Companies.


The fifth #BruteCast was with @AminTarzi1 and his discussion of “Iran’s Maritime Strategies and Tactics:”

#6 (July 9, 2020) –

The next #BruteCast is July 9th, sign up today! Bren Chair for Cyber Security and Conflict, Mr. JD Work, to discuss “The New Firing Table.” See you then! @MarineCorpsU @TheKrulakCenter @CDET_MarineNet @CEP_MCU @HostileSpectrum

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