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All BruteCasts in order

Here are the #BruteCasts videos in order:

The first #BruteCast featured Dr. Christopher Harmon, examining “How Terrorist Groups End:” @Marine Corps University @TheKrulakCenter


The second #BruteCast featured Mr. Don Bishop and Col. Tom Keaney (USAF, Ret.) revisiting the 1943 air raid on the Ploiesti oil fields.


The third #BruteCast, we were joined by MajGen William F. Mullen, CG of TECOM, to present his “PME on PME” and the importance of continuous professional development.


The fourth #BruteCast, we were joined by Dr. Yuval Weber, Bren Chair of Russian Military and prolitical strategy, for a discussion on “Russian Private Military Companies.


The fifth #BruteCast was with @AminTarzi1 and his discussion of “Iran’s Maritime Strategies and Tactics:”


#BruteCast Ep. 7 – “Gender Inclusion vs. Integration,” Dr. Kyleanne Hunter

This is the first #BruteCast featuring one of our new Non-Resident Fellows! 

#BruteCast Ep. 8 – Maj Jared Cooper, “Where Good Ideas Come From”

#TeamKrulak’s own Operations and Outreach Officer, Maj Jared Cooper, discusses the Krulak Center-sponsored elective “Where Good Ideas Come From,” a unique Marine Corps University Command and Staff College elective.

#BruteCast Ep. 9 – Rosella Cappella Zielinski, “Supplying Coalition Warfare During World War I”

In this episode, #TeamKrulak is proud to introduce Non-Resident Fellow Rosella Cappella Zielinski to discuss “Supplying Coalition Warfare: Wheat and Allied Coordination during World War I.” Ms. Zielinski is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Boston University, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer her insights on the very timely issue of coalition logistics.

#TeamKrulak community, check out our most ambitious #BruteCast yet: a wargaming panel of practitioners across the many different wargaming communities. Join Andrew Reddie, James Fielder, Damien O’Connell, and Sebastian Bae as they discuss their myriad experiences in using wargames for training, education, and analytics.

This #BruteCast features #TeamKrulak Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Curtis Bell of Stable Seas to discuss “Violence at Sea: How Terrorists, Insurgents, and Other Extremists Exploit the Maritime Domain.”

#BruteCast Ep. 12 – Sgt Chris Elles, “Move, Shoot, Communicate, Innovate”

Live from New Zealand! Watch the first of our #BruteCasts featuring an allied nation Non-Resident Fellow – Sgt Chris Elles of the New Zealand Army (Reserves) discusses “Move, Shoot, Communicate, Innovate: How Might We Enhance Innovation and Innovative Thinking in the Military?” 


#BruteCast Ep. 14 – Dr. Aimee Fox & Dr. Heather Venable, “On Innovation and Institutional Identity..”


#BruteCast Ep. 15 – Mr. John Kroger, First Chief Learning Officer of the U.S. Navy

This was a fantastic session with Mr. John Kroger, first person to fill the billet of Chief Learning Officer in the Department of the Navy!

Inspired by its namesake, the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity (BKCIC) enables an interdisciplinary approach to complex problem solving, fosters an environment that enhances our collective warfighting capability, and facilitates and encourages novel solutions to current and future warfighting challenges in order to expand the Corps’ competitive edge and improve our warfighting effectiveness.

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