2024 Semper Fidelis Award Dinner Postponded until Spring 2025


06/20 Taylor awardee, 2nd Lt Taylor Smith, USMC


From left to right:
Major Chase Bradford; IOC Director
Captain Patrick Leet; Class Advisor
2nd Lt Taylor Smith; Distinguished Graduate
LtCol Vic Taylor; IOC founder and first Director

The  Taylor Award is given to the Distinguished Graduate of The Basic School Infantry Officer Course.  The Destinguished Graduate is selected by a vote of their classmates. The criteria is “The Lieutenant I’d most want on my flank, or coming to reinforce”.

The Lieutenant Colonel Vic Taylor Award, symbolic of infantry leadership, recognizes the outstanding graduate of each Infantry Officers Course at The Basic School. A personal pistol is presented to the Lieutenant to represent his infantry leadership skills. The Marine Corps University Foundation funds the Lieutenant Colonel Vic Taylor Award through the generous donations from Lieutenant Colonel Vic Taylor, USMC (Ret).

Congratulations, Lieutenant Smith!

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