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2020 Streusand-Cooper Writing Award

On June 2, 2020 Colonel Jon Sachrison, USMC (Ret) presented the 2020 Streusand-Cooper Writing Award to Major Autumn D. Swinford, USMC for her paper titled:  “Force Protection in the Cognitive Domain: Media Literacy Training to Defend Against Social Media Influence Operations”.

The Streusand-Cooper Writing Award recognizes a Command and Staff College student who writes the best paper on information operations or information as an instrument of national power. The Marine Corps University Foundation funds the Streusand-Cooper Writing Award through the generous donation of Dr. Douglas E. Streusand in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Streusand and Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Francis (Gus) Cooper.  Dr. Streusand is a professor at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College.

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